Lorne leads “The Ricochet Riders” band and they are very diversified and will play a wide variety of popular music. Below, you will see a set list for three different genres country music, Irish/Celtic and old time rock n roll.

You will also find two albums for your enjoyment and musical interest.

His most recent CD is called “Going With the Flow” and in keeping with the title, this album flows musically from country, to some old time rock n roll, to Irish tunes.  All of these genres have had a significant influence on his music, however you will find that the majority of these songs have an underlying country feel that reflect his country roots.

The 2nd album that is available for sale is called “Country From Where I Stand”. It contains a variety of good country songs including four originals and a couple of Irish ditties thrown in for good measure. Please check ’em out at the store.