"From his early days chording along to his father’s fiddle tunes at his family home in Quyon, to decades later on the stages of Nashville, Tennessee, Daley has turned to music as a means of connecting with other people, and with himself. Throughout his life, Daley’s music reminded him of who he was, where he came from, and where he would eventually, in his own way, return. “It connected me with band members and with other people who love music. It enabled me to be confident in myself, to be creative, to meet challenges, even to overcome fears at times.”" - Sophie Kuijper Dickson, The Equity 2023

Ed  Lemieux:  Lorne is a wonderful guy and I love his music.  He is very comical and loves to entertain. Phone quote 
Don Foran:  I have known Lornie for many years. We grew up together in Quyon, Quebec and have played music together on many occasions. 
Lornie is one of those musicians whose energy, desire and commitment to music have driven him to accomplish great things. He is a skilled guitar player, singer and composer. He is also a key player in community events. 
It is encouraging to see someone who has achieved so much in the music industry. Keep on playing Lornie. HOF 
Bob Schwartz:  I play lead guitar for Lorne, when required.  Every time out with Lorne is a lot of fun because he keeps it loose and relaxed. What you see is what you get!  He goes out of his way to make sure everyone is having a good time. HOF 
Roger Heroux:  I always enjoy working with Lorne and a good time is had by all! Phone quote 
Brian Hebert:  Lorne is the ABSOLUTE SPIRIT of what Country Music is supposed to be!!  Brian Hebert...Premier Ottawa Valley Fiddler and O.V. Country Music Hall of Fame Member HOF 
Ted Daigle:  One of the most dedicated traditional country entertainers in the Valley. That’s my friend, Lorne Daley. I had the pleasure of working with Lorne and produced one of his albums. The songs personally chosen by Lorne, spoke volumes of where his heart is. “Remembering True Country”…..All the classics….Everything from the 40’s to the 80’s. If he’s playing in your area don’t miss the opportunity to let the good times roll. HOF 
Mick Armitage:  I have known Lorne for over 40 years, and a more happy and cheerful entertainer, you will not find.  There is a reason that people wanting entertainment keep calling on Lorne...he delivers!  He is an Ottawa Valley original! HOF 
Jean Cote:  Lorne has proven that obstacles can be overcome and that the conviction and love of music will drive one to accomplish what he has set his sights on, pardon the pun. He has been a staple in the Ottawa valley country music scene and will continue to be same. All the best in future endeavors.  HOF 
Peter Dawson:  Lorne, a great entertainer, a great friend. Always ready to engage in happy times. Country music is in his heart. Along with his huge repertoire of 17th of March songs and humor. Keep up the fine work my friend.  Always, Peter Dawson  HOF 
Arlene Quinn: Lorne is so passionate about his music and his followers.  He gives so much to his audience and his community.  No music event would be complete without a performance by the one and only Lorne Daley because he sings from his heart and his soul and that’s what music is all about.  HOF 
Jason Roos:  Working with Lorne has been a pleasure, ever since I met him.  He is a great guy and always in a good mood.  You can tell that he loves the music.  He is a friend that has helped me out in the business.  He has a great country voice.  Phone quote. 

Virginia Schwartz:  I have known Lornie since I was quite young and just starting to play music myself. Lornie's talent and passion for music is honestly inspiring. He is a devoted musician - from country to rock to Irish and everything in-between. I always look forward to our random fiddle and guitar sessions! Lornie is known and respected in so many music circles and will always be treasured for his dedication to the musical heritage of the Ottawa valley. HOF 
Doug Brittain:  Lorne Daly's music has its roots in equal parts of Irish traditional, Ottawa Valley stepdance, good old kitchen-music knee-slapping jigs, a good dose of traditional country and early rock and roll.  Put it all together, and it's pure entertainment and fun.  There is definitely some Ottawa Valley mud between his toes.  Add to that, Lorne's indomitable good humour and easy stage manner and you've got a winning venue.  Lorne Daley oozes entertainment from every corpuscle.  He's a pure delight.  HOF 
Maynard Robinson:  Lorne is a very, very nice guy and a great musician.  I am a square dance caller and I really enjoy calling squares to him.  I’ve worked on his old van a couple of times.  Phone quote 
Bill Nash: Lorne Daley has entertained members of the Ottawa Nepean Canadians Sports Club for many years. He is our headliner every St Patrick's Day our anniversary this year will be 32 years in business. Lorne is a very dedicated musician. He expresses his love for his work with every word he sings. Bill Nash Entertainment Director.  HOF 
Elise Castonguay:  The task to write a short testimonial for Lorne Daley is impossible. If he is the one entertaining when you go out to listen to "country music, you will NOT be disappointed. On stage will be, firstly, Ability; secondly, confidence; thirdly, an unending repertoire and the list goes on;-and always that "Killer smile. May the songs keep on coming.  HOF 
Pete Lajoie:  Lorne is a genuine, honest man.  I love his music and I have had the pleasure of working with him for quite a while; 20+ years.  We often chat about the old times.  He plays the original country music.  To this day, I often go to watch him play.  He treats people well and they love him.  He is like a magnet.  He has to keep up with the times but he knows all the old country songs and will play them, if someone asks.  He has quite a following and everyone knows him.  Phone quote HOF